Bio D Laundry Bleach as an Effective, Safer Alternative

We're all about gentle cleaning products that are as effective as they are safe to use, so we're so pleased to be adding the very definition of safe and effective to our range of cleaning products - Bio D Laundry Bleach. 

This is an oxygen based bleach as opposed to a chlorine based bleach, which means it's free from the potentially harmful ingredients of conventional bleach, safer to use and kind to the environment.

Here are some of the uses for this wonderful cupboard staple.


If you use soap nuts for laundry, you may find, as I do, that they are great for cleaning clothes naturally without the overbearing smell, but if there is a slight downside, it's that without all the synthetic agents you find in commercial laundry products, they don't whiten and brighten the clothes.

That's where Bio D Laundry Bleach works its wonders. You can use it with soap nuts or Bio D Laundry Liquid. Add a tablespoon to the wash. You can also add it to hand wash (one tablespoon to every 5 litres). It's antibacterial and sanitising as well as whitening and brightening. 


As well as for laundry, you can use Bio D Laundry Bleach as a stain remover. Put it to work with a little water to clean the grouting between tiles in the bathroom or kitchen or to remove tea and coffee stains in your mugs.

Effective laundry bleach without the hacking cough? I'm in!