Guppyfriend Washing Bags

We prefer to use gentle cleaning solutions and microfibre cloths over toxic products and reams of wasteful kitchen paper. I'd often wondered, though, how green these cloths really are, as they tend to be made from plastic based materials. As with the synthetic clothes that we wear, these cloths release tiny microfibres when washed in the machine. These go on to pollute our waters and end up in the food chain and ultimately ingested by us.

Whilst there's a long way to go to change the way textiles are manufactured and our over-consumption of them, there is something we can all do to reduce the release of microplastics from our washing machines.

Guppyfriend is the brainchild of the STOP! Micro Waste initiative, whose aim is to raise awareness of and reduce microplastic pollution. They have patented Guppyfriend, a simple washing bag that you pop your synthetic clothes and textiles into when you wash them. It traps the tiny microfibres and stops them entering rivers and oceans.Check it out here